Insanity Workout Tips

The Insanity Workout Program has been out for over a year. However, we have found that you can add a few things to the Insanity workout. Here’s an example:

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When the instructor, Shawn T., is talking about how to do the next exercise, go ahead and get a head start. If you know how to do the exercise, there no since stopping and listening how to do the exercise. This will keep your heartbeat up and your blood pumping. However, if you just started, watch and listen how Shawn T. does the new exercise.

Another step is to make sure you have just water. I know that Shawn T. and Beach Body wants you to buy the “Results Recovery” formula – but trust me, nothing beats water. Whenever we exercise, we’ll get thirsty. Your better off just staying away from all kinds of drinks like Gatorade or Vitamin D Drink. I know they are supposed to energize you, but if you want to save some money, you’ll be OK with just water.

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Also, never drink pop while your working out. I’ve done that a couple of times, not the brightest thing to do. You will actually belch things up. So my suggestion (through experience), is to stay away from it.

A third tip is to wear loose clothing, especially work out related. Wearing tight clothing may restrict blood flow, so make sure everything is pretty loose. Never wear jeans…shorts are better. Tennis shoes should ALWAYS be worn – no bare feet. The reason is because there is a lot of jumping around and you need good support for your feet and joints when you land.

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